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Posts tagged with ‘hearing specialist’

  • How do I know which level of hearing aid technology is right for me?

    By Dr. Emily J. Taylor on August 2, 2014
    Hearing aids come in different styles, colors, and levels of technology. Today we will discuss how to determine which level of technology makes the most sense for your lifestyle. When preparing for your hearing aid evaluation, you should first determine what your listening goals are. For example, is background noise your major concern? Do you have the most trouble with […]
  • To Q-Tip, or not to Q-Tip, that is the question!

    By Dr. Emily J. Taylor on July 14, 2014
              On a daily basis I am asked if a Q-Tip is safe to put in the ear. The quick answer is NO!! The most common reason people put Q-Tips in the ear is to remove cerumen, or earwax. Instead of pulling wax out, a Q-tip can actually push wax further in the ear canal. Also, […]