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Posts tagged with ‘hearing test’

  • A reflection on 2016

    By Dr. Emily J. Taylor on December 30, 2016
    2016 was a year of growth for Taylor Listening Center. Here are some of the notable events of 2016 at TLC: We officially hired our second audiologist, Wendy Teie, whom I trained under as a resident during my doctoral program. Luckily, our patients love her just as much as we already did! Not only is she kind and patient, she […]
  • I have hearing loss but I am not ready for hearing aids, what should I do?

    By Dr. Emily J. Taylor on July 2, 2016
    If you suspect you have hearing loss but you are not ready for hearing aids, you should still see an audiologist for regular hearing testing. The purpose of regular hearing testing is to monitor and document any changes in hearing over time. Patients seem to be in fear that they will be forced to wear hearing aids if they see […]
  • Four mistakes you could be making with your hearing aid right now!

    By Dr. Emily J. Taylor on March 30, 2015
    Not staying up to date with your hearing test. Hearing aid wearers should have an annual hearing test to check for changes in hearing sensitivity. Based on these documented changes, the hearing aids are reprogrammed to better fit your changing hearing loss. By not staying up to date with hearing testing, the hearing aids are at risk for not properly […]